Today, the fresh produce business is one of the most dynamic in the food industry.

Socio demographic changes, differences in food preferences, the proliferation of new food products, and eco-consciousness have raised consumer standards and awareness. Globalization, biodiversity and the limitation of energy resources have shifted the dynamics in a world where scarcity determines alternatives. The challenge remains to have sufficient supplies of quality products to meet consumer demand at realistic price levels while addressing commitments to producers faced with increasing costs of production. The changing market dynamics of distribution systems are demanding creative business solutions throughout the supply chain.

Tastyfrutti is recognized for integrity, alacrity and consistent trade practices, and welcomes the competitive challenges of our industry in the next decade. We view the process of change as an opportunity to shape our future and create favorable conditions to ensure continued profitable growth. Our leadership in the produce industry is a result of efficient and flexible business systems, combined with a steadfast commitment to supply our customers with premium-quality products and proactive service. We are proud of our management strength, which promotes marketing and operational proficiency for our customers. Tastyfrutti is committed to providing safe and wholesome fresh fruit to North American consumers at competitive prices while ensuring profitable grower returns to sustain seamless supply and category growth.

Since the inception of Tastyfrutti in 1984, we have endeavored to add value for our customers and growers through aggressive marketing, product development and innovation. 

Globally Sourcing Fruit with flags of 5 countries


Simply put, Tastyfrutti delivers fresh, high-quality fruit, in the quantities the market demands.

A Stable Supply For High-Quality, Early-Season Fruit

With growers in the U.S., Mexico, Chile, Peru, Greece and South Africa, our fruit is always in season. So we can provide what customers want when they want it.

Our vertically integrated procurement, operational, logistical and marketing systems help ensure a steady supply of fresh, delicious fruit.

Food Safety & Quality Assurance

From our on-site inspectors to our high-tech cold-storage facilities, Tastyfrutti ensures quality and freshness every step of the way. And no one else matches our commitment to safety, health and environmental responsibility.

Timely Deliveries

With fruit, timing is everything. Tastyfrutti’s Logistics Department uses the latest Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) technologies, including Advanced Data Exchange (ADX), I-Trade Network and FoodLink Online. All of which improve supply chain performance and ensure fruit arrives when it’s freshest and most beautiful.


Our goal is your goal—we want to increase your sales and profitability. So we provide category management services that we customize to your individual needs. Both program and contract pricing are available.

Value Added

Tastyfrutti provides custom packaging capabilities and creative business system solutions that we can adapt specifically to your needs. We’re always investing in research and development, looking for new ways to improve supply chain efficiency and reduce costs.


If you want to increase sales, you need to win at the store. We have available in-store demos and merchandising service to promote sales.