Cheif Operation Officer

In the fall of 1984, I had the fortunate occasion to meet with the Denadai family at their headquarters in Padua Italy. They were interested in creating an importing company in the United States to market the fresh deciduous fruits produced by their Chilean export company, Unifrutti Traders, LTDA, now Tastyfrutti International, Inc. Shortly thereafter, the Denadais appointed me General Manager of what was to become Tastyfrutti International, Inc. They entrusted me with ample financing, administrative control and all essential resources fundamental to the establishment of a successful marketing organization.

Initially, there were many challenges to overcome in the developmental process to ensure the continued success of the various business functions of a newborn importing company. Perhaps one of the most difficult obstacles was the assembly of a competent and talented workforce, strategically positioned to execute sustainable growth, profitability, reliability and consistency. Key objectives of this initiative included:

  • The establishment of a reliable, premium-quality product line highly desirable for retail and wholesale customers in the North American marketplace
  • Rigorous cash management, cost discipline and efficient control of a vertically integrated import company
  • An exceptional team of experienced, dedicated personnel of diverse talents and special character

These essential strategies have been critical to the success of Tastyfrutti, providing strong growth and profitability to our shareholders. Furthermore, we have incorporated supplementary core strengths and principles to secure a highly regarded position in the produce industry. We have invested significantly in trade advertising and public relations. We advocate and support social and environmental responsibility within the industry and throughout the various communities we serve. We continually work to be flexible and progressive with products, programs and packaging as we consolidate our trading partners and build strong, devoted relationships. Consequently, reputable companies in our industry consider Tastyfrutti a preferred supplier of high-quality fresh fruit. Our cash and cost management allow us to maintain an excellent credit rating. Our productivity per employee is second to none as we consistently reward them for exceptional character and performance. Tastyfrutti’s corporate strength is derived from within as our future success is dependent upon the talents and professionalism of our staff. In recognition of our integrity and accomplishments, Tastyfrutti has received the distinguished “Business Character Award” from the Blue Book and Red Book credit companies.

I am proud to state, “This is a team you can count on.” I could not be more confident in my team. I must acknowledge, show my appreciation and give my special thanks to the dedicated members of our team; they are:

  • Sergio Aravena
  • Tim Brannan
  • Todd Carpenter
  • Angel I. Gomez
  • Basile Kanaris
  • Kevin Mack
  • Brian M. O’Keefe
  • Renee Rozes
  • Kathy Stathakos
  • Petrit Zanaj

Also, I want to thank everyone who has worked for us in the past.

Hats off to all of you for being an integral part of the growth and leadership of Tastyfrutti! It could not have been accomplished without your personality and dedicated work.

Tastyfrutti’s primary commitment is to create value for its shareholders and employees. Year after year, we have met that commitment. Our business execution and financial performance is the result of excellent choices and efficient management at all levels of our company. Originally, we experienced several years of development and adjustment. As we assess the global business synergies we have established since the inception of Tastyfrutti, I am confident the future holds many opportunities for escalated growth and profitability.

The entire staff at Tastyfrutti would like to convey their appreciation to all of those in the Tastyfrutti Group, together with the various producers and companies from Chile, Brazil, Peru, Mexico, Greece and California who entrusted us with their products. Indeed, their contributions were very powerful and instrumental in the overall success of our business. We are proud to be associated with each and every one of them!

In conclusion, as the Chief Executive Officer of Tastyfrutti, I want to personally thank Mr. Giancarlo Denadai for his steadfast support and commitment to me, and our company, over the years. Mr. Denadai has been generous and loyal. His personal refinement has been an inspiration. He has motivated me in a very meaningful way to perform to my highest capacity and successfully deliver the desired results, year in and year out.