Quality Control Supervisor

In 2005 I responded to an ad for employment placed by Tastyfrutti International, Inc., formerly Unifrutti of America, seeking a Quality Control engineer. Andreas Economou interviewed me and subsequently offered me the job, which I accepted.

I am originally from Chile and have an extensive background in the produce business, specifically fruit. I studied at the University of Concepcion in Chile where I earned a degree in Agronomy Engineering. My region in Chile is known for fruit culture so there were many job opportunities for a person with my degree. In my early career in Chile I worked for several of the major growers and exporters in the fruit business, gaining valuable experience. When I came to the United States, working for Tastyfrutti was a natural fit. Today, I am very happy to work here.

My position in Quality Control entails a wide range of duties, covering the inspection of all incoming fruit, inventory control and has now branched into logistics. The logistics side includes monitoring and cataloging all incoming and outgoing shipments. For inspection, I need to know all about the fruit Tastyfrutti imports from Chile (grapes, stone fruit, cherries, pears and apples), Peru (grapes and citrus), Mexico (grapes), Greece (kiwi) and South Africa (citrus). My work guarantees the customer receives only the highest-quality fruit.

I have enjoyed a very enriching career and am proud to be a part of the Tastyfrutti team. I’ve had the opportunity to travel both domestically and internationally, experiencing new cultures and establishing long-standing friendships. In conclusion, and most importantly, I’ve learned that at the end of the day it’s the individual’s word of honor that defines integrity, commands respect and breeds success.